Only ever her


If you love twisty family dramas, this book is for you.

Marybeth Mayhew Whalen is amazing at writing multi-perspective novels with great character development. I’ve loved her past work and “Only Ever Her” is no exception. This isn’t a exactly a thriller in the traditional sense of the genre, but it certainly keeps you guessing.

You’ve got the tension of a small town where everyone “knows” everyone, a rumor mill that doesn’t quit, and family and friends trying to keep their own secrets under wraps while gathering together to locate a missing girl. It took me a minute to get completely sucked into this story, but when I did, I flew through it in a single day on vacation… my anniversary vacation… with my husband… whoopsie.

Twists, turns, gossip, mystery, some seriously creepy folks… this book has it all and Whalen does NOT disappoint. Absolutely a great book to kick off your summer reading. This one is out May 7th.

**** Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for my Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my unbiased review ****

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