Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

First things first: Hi, I’m Leanne!

Second things second: I’ve been wanting to start a blog again for the last few years and have been so intimidated by the quality of work I have seen around. It’s been years since I have written anything of substance and even longer since I published any of that writing on a website.

So many bloggers seem to make posting their full-time job and, well, I already have a full-time job and a hobby that pays me from time to time and a husband and a dog. Also? Is it just me or is every blogger a mom these days?

After considering everything seemingly stacked against me, I decided to pull the trigger. Instead of trying to come across as the litany of things I am not, I figured out I could make a blog about all the things I am. I can’t be the only one, right?

SO. Here goes! I am:

  • a 9-5er at an office job that would probably be boring to most people
  • a sometimes photographer – weddings, family photos, newborns, pets. You name it, I’ve probably photographed it at some point.
  • a wife but not a mother (by choice).
  • a dog-carer-for to our sweet lil pup, Waffles.
  • a reader

I’m glad you made it to this very tiny corner of the internet and I hope you’ll continue to join me as I dig a little deeper into what this space can become. For now, I’m dipping my toe in and so far? The water seems just fine.

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