May Audiobook Bonanza

I am fortunate enough to work in an office where I can usually keep headphones in. This helps not only with keeping me sane, but with increasing my reading numbers throughout the year. That being said, I am something of a connoisseur of great audiobook narrators and books that are better in my ears than they might be on the page.

It can be hard to find the *perfect* audiobook. The listening experience can really make or break a book and they can be expensive or come with long hold times at the library. Who wants to waste precious Audible credits or weeks waiting for an audio experience that ends up being a dud?

Each month I’ll post an audiobook round-up with stand-out titles that kept me interested in the story and invested in the audio.

“On Turpentine Line” and “Good Riddance” by Elinor Lipman

If you aren’t on the Elinor Lipman train, I don’t blame you. I had no idea about her books until a Modern Mrs. Darcy post about audiobooks that enhance the reading experience. I’m kinda obsessed with working my way through random lists of books that pique my interest and Anne Bogel‘s are as good as they get.

I started with “On Turpentine Lane” and flew through it. Lipman’s writing is hilarious and her depiction of a dopey ~*free-spirit*~ boyfriend really… let’s say… resonated with me. The narrator of her audiobooks, Mia Barron, takes these characters to another level and she seems to really ‘get’ the tone of Lipman’s writing.

I dove into “Good Riddance” as soon as my library hold became available and I laughed my way through the whole thing. A little sarcastic, a lot hilarious, and healthy dose of rom-com.

I’m not going to be that person and drone on and on about this book like it’s a magical discovery no one knows about.

All I’m going to say is, believe the hype, and for the love of god, listen to the audio (I cried as soon as she said “Barack” in the dedication.) Also? I hear people saying, “Regardless of your politics you should read this…” and I completely disagree. If this book is for you, you know who you are.

“I Miss You When I Blink”, a collection of personal essays, was such a lovely surprise. I found Philpott to be super relatable and funny.

I love when an author can tell their own story and Philpott does it perfectly in writing but also in narrating the audio version. This NPR interview with the author is a good one and gives a little insight into her personality and what you can expect from these essays.

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