Why “Literary Lunch Break”?

Whenever I am browsing bookstagram or perusing posts on my favorite blogs, I find myself wondering how people come up with their usernames and website titles. For me, a title has always been the tough part. I’ve had ideas for blogs in the past and never felt like I could get pen to paper (or finger to key) without a title predetermined.

Literary Lunch Break came to me when I was at work, thinking about the possibility of book blogging in my free time. So many cute names were already taken and it felt impossible to come up with something uniquely mine. But I started brainstorming – when do I read, what do I read, how do I find the time? How would I find the time to keep up with something as daunting as a blog?

My lunch break.

The 30 minute gift in the middle of my work day.

I used it to pay my bills, make phone calls, but also… read.

Now, I’m not here to say I am the busiest person in the world, but things come up. I’m running errands all day or I get home from a long work day and I fall asleep without picking up a book. All of a sudden the week is over and I have a bookmark in the first 15 pages of a library book I picked up two weeks ago. Real talk? I am also good at squandering huge chunks of my day doing absolutely nothing.

I was having trouble being intentional about my reading life.”I don’t have time” started to feel like my reality but really, I was just losing track of our time.

All that to say: this blog is me being intentional. I am spending lunch breaks reading. I am mixing audiobooks in with podcasts and music during the workday. My husband and I are spending time reading together separately.

And in between books and chores, I am setting aside some time to write. Hopefully my posts can be a way to kick off your Monday morning, wrap up the work week, and keep you company during the weekend.

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