RomCom Review: Red, White, and Royal Blue


Guys, I am a sucker for romcoms. I love them as feature length films and I especially love them in them in the form of a novel.

I do not discriminate. It can be more com than rom, or it can be the steamiest of romance with a couple ha-ha moments. I love a meet-cute, I love an enemies-turned-something more, and as I have discovered with this book, I love when the First Son of the United States falls in love with the Prince of Wales over the course of 400 some odd pages.

After I got into it (I was having trouble focusing the first 20 or so pages… I don’t think the book was to blame), I flew through this one in a couple days. It’s got some hilarious moments (anytime the press is around and they are putting on buddy-buddy faces for the cameras), some political dreamscapes (think: the first female POTUS taking office after Obama’s 2nd term), and some ~*hot and heavy romance*~ (if “The Wedding Date” made you a bit faint, you probably want to skip this.)

I consider this genre a “light” read because in order to really appreciate the cute/swoon factor, you have to suspend a bit of disbelief. However, I appreciated the author’s ability to mix some serious realness in with this unlikely scenario.

Also, can we please talk about how this is a DEBUT NOVEL? Good gracious. Casey McQuiston, if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. And spoiler alert? Her Goodreads page already suggestions another queer romcom is in the works!

You know, I tend to forget that June is Pride month because it is so horrifically hot in Phoenix in June that we have our Pride parade in April! If you haven’t read any LGBTQ literature in celebration this month, I recommend picking this up immediately. It checks all the requirements for the perfect summer read and it features an amazing cast of queer characters!

What else are you reading during Pride month?!

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