Get A life, Chloe Brown

This book has wonderfully diverse characters where their physical differences were not being used as a crutch to propel the story. Chloe has some substantial curves but never once did the author put her through the hell of dieting or hating her body. Chloe knows she is beautiful and she rocks her confidence in some adorable outfits. This depiction of differently shaped bodies was really lovely to me and a big change from what I see in so many rom-com movies. 

If you prefer your romances to be “closed door” with just the suggestion of sex happening, you might want to steer clear of this one. It is *steamy* in the best way possible (if you like that sort thing… which I do). Talia Hibbert can WRITE some sex, let me tell you. 

I loved how many rom-com tropes Hibbert packed into this book: boy next door, enemies to lovers, the grand romantic gesture. 

There were only a couple things that made me hesitant about my star rating. I didn’t love that this girl Annie was supposedly such a close friend after a brief meeting initially and then a single coffee/shopping date. Toward the end of the book Chloe thinks about reaching out to Annie and then hesitates because “she never answers her phone” but there was really nothing offered in the book to suggest they had spent any time with one another. 

Red calls a therapist but we don’t really see what happens or how that goes. There is one casual mention of something his therapist says and it left me wondering if I had missed a major part of the book. 

For as much as Chloe and Red have learned to communicate with each other throughout the book, the major obstacle for them to overcome starts with, you guessed it, their refusal to communicate clearly. I totally get that this is pretty standard for the genre and perhaps I am growing weary of the same back and forth that comes with this style. 

That being said, I would totally recommend this and pass it along to a girlfriend if I knew she wouldn’t pass out from all the sexy or judge me for liking it! I think this book is pretty perfect if you are new to the genre, want to see diverse characters represented in a romance novel, and don’t mind a rom-com trope or three. Recommended to read with a husband or boyfriend nearby after all that steam. 

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