“What You Wish For”

Book of the Month turned me on to Katherine Center when they had her book “How to Walk Away” as one of the monthly selections. I picked it (likely with a couple others that would fit in the box), admired the cover, and dropped it on my bookshelf to collect dust. People raved about her writing and there her book sat like all the Books of the Month before it.

It wasn’t until “Things You Save in a Fire” popped up on NetGalley and I was selected as an early reader that I finally read her work. I had taken the day off for my birthday and posted myself up outside with my Kindle and plowed through more than half of the ARC in one sitting. After that incredible reading experience, it was only a couple days before I sat down with “How to Walk Away” and raced through it as well.

Just like that, I became a Katherine Center superfan.

So, imagine my surprise when I sat down at my computer this Monday morning to find an email from St. Martin’s Press inviting me to read “What You Wish For”, the latest book from Katherine Center coming out in July 2020. What a way to start the week! “What You Wish For” is a story of loss and the relational setbacks that stem from it. It’s a story about the past but so much more about hope for the future. It’s full of more lovable characters than unlikeable ones, but even if it was the opposite, Katherine Center would have made me love it anyway.

Scoville Scale: Bell pepper. This is one of those romance books that is so much more than romance. If you like your romance to be “barely there” and “closed door” this is a great pick for you.

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