I don’t love writing reviews or bookstagram posts about books I didn’t enjoy, but since Colleen Hoover is such a popular and prolific author, I have to ask… did I just pick the completely wrong first book by her? 

None of the characters were remotely redeeming. Troy was very clearly the “villan” in this book because he was… well… fucking awful. The scenes with him grabbing at her or pinning her between his arms in a doorway sent my anxiety through the roof. But the scenes with Owen were equally terrible. He was super manipulative and just felt like a gross creep. 

The sex scene in this book was by far the cringiest I have ever read. If Owen said he “deserved” to have sex with Auburn one more time, I was going to flush this book down the toilet. I have no idea how anyone could have possibly viewed this as romantic or sexy in the slightest. I regularly read romance novels and I had to skim that entire section for fear I would never want to have sex again.

Everything single thing I read made me roll my eyes and I can’t get past the laziness with how major plot point were skimmed over or barely resolved. By the end I was laughing and reading paragraphs to my husband because I couldn’t stand it anymore. 

I have other books by CoHo on my shelf and my Kindle and I have a feeling I won’t be picking any of them up. All of her books are so highly rated that I don’t even think I can trust those reviews. 

One unenthusiastic and slightly offended star.

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